Kittanning #6 EMS
General information:

Stations:108 Mulberry St. Kittanning (130 Station-1) and
177 Linton St. Worthington ( 130 Station-2.)                            

Staffing: each station has at a minimum (1) ALS crew
    Additional crews are "paged out" as needed.

Vehicles: We operate (6) ALS/BLS ambulances
130-1 , 130-2, 130-3, 130-4, 130-5
     We also opearate an BLS Squad (130 Squad 7)
Pa Dept. of Health License # 03006
           wheelchair / stretcher van
  Pa PUC # A-00115806
We also operate a firefighter rehab/ EMS support trailer

Services we offer: Emergency and non-emergency  ALS or BLS ambulance service including transport to speciality care facilities, EMS standby's for events such as the Folk Festival, YMCA races, High School football and Blanket Hill Speedway,   wheelchair and stretcher van service, rehab services at emergency incidents, and community CPR and First Aid training.

Service Area: We serve the following municipalities:
Applewold, Kittanning Boro,West Kittanning,Worthington,
East Franklin Twp, ,Boggs Twp, Pine Twp (Templeton), West Franklin Twp, Rayburn Twp, Washington Twp, Valley Twp, parts of Manor Twp,Kittanning Twp, N.Buffalo Twp, Plumcreek Twp, and in Butler County -parts of Clearfield Twp.

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